Newport council drops post-NATO bombshell

Why on earth did I imagine it could last? Yesterday, as the NATO summit ended, the whole of Newport was on a high having extended a warm Welsh welcome to 22 world leaders, the international media, 9,500 courteous and very friendly police … Continued

O Fôn i Fynwy – Day 10 (Penrhyndeudraeth to Barmouth)

If I’d been asked at the beginning of the day if I wanted to climb 1400 metres and walk 25 miles over often bleak and boggy terrain in poor weather, you can guess what my answer would have been. Harri, … Continued

Ceredigion – Wales’s flagship coast path

Some projects are just too ambitious – and too important – for their component parts to be delegated. The Wales Coast Path is a point in case. For reasons that have always eluded me, the Welsh Government (of which I’m … Continued

Pulling the wool over our eyes

Harri bought me a copy of George Monbiot‘s new book, Feral, for my birthday; however, despite loving the author’s idea of creating a space in our modern world where the wild can once again flourish (in individuals as well as our … Continued