A tale of two rivers: part 1 – the Ebbw

With summer almost upon us and very little local hiking done this year, Harri felt it was time we challenged ourselves to a longish walk. Nothing on the scale of the mammoth treks tackled by those hardcore types at the … Continued

Newport council drops post-NATO bombshell

Why on earth did I imagine it could last? Yesterday, as the NATO summit ended, the whole of Newport was on a high having extended a warm Welsh welcome to 22 world leaders, the international media, 9,500 courteous and very friendly police … Continued

Isca Woodcrafts Show at Tredegar House, Newport

Not really a blog this time, more of an announcement. Isca Woodcrafts is holding its annual woodworking show at Tredegar House on Saturday 17 May from 10am to 4pm. The show, now in its sixth year, has become an established … Continued

Wales’ first Juniors parkrun for Newport

My eight-year-old grand-daughter looked up at me tearfully, then carefully inspected her grazed arm and mud-covered leggings. We had stopped running when she toppled over but a moment or two had passed and I detected there was an internal battle … Continued