Machen to Castell Coch … and back (a 20-mile circular)

It’s been almost a month since we returned to Wales and, despite our best intentions, until today we’d only been out walking once. In the Algarve, we’d been able to walk most weekends – on both days – however, the … Continued

A lofty view of Cardiff

One of the things I enjoy most about walking is how the slower pace of travel allows you to view familiar surroundings in a different light, to notice the little things that our busy lives too often render invisible. Seeing … Continued

Castell Coch – Cardiff’s fairytale castle

When I was at university, I penned a short story about a history post-graduate who found herself locked in one of the towers at Castell Coch overnight, the victim of a jealous cleaning lady. The Welsh-language ramblings of the latter were … Continued

Not all benches are equal

I’ve been thinking about benches again. I hear your groans, but before you quickly move on to the next blog, let me assure you that I’m not about to launch into another tirade about poorly positioned benches, quite the opposite. … Continued