Newport council drops post-NATO bombshell

Why on earth did I imagine it could last? Yesterday, as the NATO summit ended, the whole of Newport was on a high having extended a warm Welsh welcome to 22 world leaders, the international media, 9,500 courteous and very friendly police … Continued

Pulling the wool over our eyes

Harri bought me a copy of George Monbiot‘s new book, Feral, for my birthday; however, despite loving the author’s idea of creating a space in our modern world where the wild can once again flourish (in individuals as well as our … Continued

Carmarthen Bay and Gower

We’re really excited that Harri’s second book is being published this summer by Northern Eye Books. I’ll write about the area properly in another blog but in the mean time I thought I’d share the publisher’s blurb.   Harri’s book is … Continued