A tale of two rivers: part 1 – the Ebbw

With summer almost upon us and very little local hiking done this year, Harri felt it was time we challenged ourselves to a longish walk. Nothing on the scale of the mammoth treks tackled by those hardcore types at the … Continued

A lofty view of Cardiff

One of the things I enjoy most about walking is how the slower pace of travel allows you to view familiar surroundings in a different light, to notice the little things that our busy lives too often render invisible. Seeing … Continued

I’m glad I caught the running bug

I glanced at my weekly email from parkrun HQ. “Congratulations on completing your 82nd parkrun and your 82nd at Newport today. You finished in 166th place and were the 41st lady out of a field of 311 parkrunners and you … Continued

When a picture’s worth 1,000 words

Standing at a busy Cardiff junction earlier this week, my camera poised, I realised I was attracting curious glances from passers-by. You could see what they were thinking – why would anyone be photographing a pedestrian crossing when 45 degrees … Continued