The Via Algarviana – on the publicity trail

  Well it’s all been happening since we arrived in Albufeira at the beginning of December. It seems the Portuguese press is far more enthusiastic about our Via Algarviana books than the Welsh press was about O Fôn i Fynwy (Harri’s new … Continued

The Via Algarviana: Cachopo to Barranco do Velho

Apart from the official Via Algarviana guide (which does not provide detailed walking instructions), the only guidebook to the trail we’re aware of is a German-language book by Christine Heitzmann. Over breakfast, Dona Maria Otilia joined us at our table … Continued

The Via Algarviana: Vaqueiros to Cachopo

Dona Rita was determined we were not going to starve today. Having been asked if we would like a packed lunch and using our patchy language skills to respond enthusiastically, we were presented with enormous cheese sandwiches and two oranges. … Continued

The Via Algarviana: heading to Portugal

Unlike the Spanish, the Portuguese are not known for their great love of walking. In fact, until we headed to the Algarve, our only experience of walking in the country was back in July 2011 when we were staying in … Continued