England Coast Path – Burnham-on-Sea to Bridgwater

The wooden lighthouse at Burnham-on-Sea
The unique wooden lighthouse at Burnham-on-Sea stands on nine oak ‘legs’

I think you can pretty much judge a place from the first few people you encounter. Fortunately, Burnham-on-Sea seems to be one of those places where people will stop and give you the time of the day, which was a relief because by the time we reached the seaside resort we desperately needed cheering up.

It was hard to believe that a few hours earlier we’d been strolling through Uphill in glorious sunshine. Now, after several miles of blustery Bristol Channel winds, we were cold and desperate for any kind of shelter.

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England Coast Path: Severn Estuary to Bridgwater Bay by Harri Roberts will be published by camau in ebook format in August 2014.


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