Sharing Newport with NATO

As the final day of the NATO summit comes to an end, I’ve been thinking what an extraordinary week it’s been here in Newport. While President Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel and other leaders of the 28 NATO countries have been involved … Continued

Wales’ first Juniors parkrun for Newport

My eight-year-old grand-daughter looked up at me tearfully, then carefully inspected her grazed arm and mud-covered leggings. We had stopped running when she toppled over but a moment or two had passed and I detected there was an internal battle … Continued

Running Llyn Llech Owain parkrun

  Google Maps might be one of the best apps ever invented but over the Christmas period I discovered one crucial thing it doesn’t do well – indicate the hilliness or otherwise of a hitherto unvisited parkrun. On my computer … Continued

The wonder of chunder

While hiking remains my lifelong passion, I must admit to being a little taken with running in my later years. I was, thus, very flattered to be asked to do some guest blogs for my running club, Lliswerry Runners. You … Continued