Central Algarve – Salir and Rocha da Pena

It was probably just as well we’d gone to bed at such a ridiculously early hour (8.30pm) because the clocks went forward last night and we might otherwise have overslept. After a pleasant but unimaginative breakfast of warm bread rolls, … Continued

Central Algarve – Albufeira to Salir

  Who could have guessed that the Algarve weather would have gone downhill so rapidly just as we were anticipating the warm sunshine of spring? With one storm swiftly followed by the next, it was beginning to look as though … Continued

Andalusia – Ayamonte to Villablanca

It’s a good job we’re accustomed to inclement weather and the need to change plans at the last moment because this weekend’s original hike was rained off by Storm Emma’s determination to ‘hang around’ southern Portugal (and in this instance, … Continued