A tale of two rivers: part 2 – the Rhymney

Rivers that don’t flow into one another are generally separated by a stretch of coastline. Thus, having walked miles downriver to the mouth of the Ebbw, we now had some coastal walking to do before we reached the Rhymney. Fortunately, this was mostly along … Continued

Running the Newport Half Marathon

Well it’s over… for another year, at least. There’s a great sense of satisfaction in running a half marathon. I understand non-runners might think we’re all completely bonkers (and there are times I tend to agree with them), but running … Continued

St David’s Day: castles, dolphins and an open mind

  It hasn’t yet been declared an official bank holiday, but St David’s Day remains one of the key dates on the Welsh calendar. It seems that David himself was a simple man, a vegetarian teetotaller whose most famous miracle … Continued

A lofty view of Cardiff

One of the things I enjoy most about walking is how the slower pace of travel allows you to view familiar surroundings in a different light, to notice the little things that our busy lives too often render invisible. Seeing … Continued